Vivtrack 2.0

  • Preflight your files online

    Vivtrack 2 has a powerful preflight engine which allows you to check your files for problems at the time of placing your order. On uploading your print ready artwork, Vivtrack 2 will automatically preflight your artwork and produce a detailed report, identifying any issues with the files. This includes whether the file is set up at the correct proportions and whether there are any elements in the file which are low resolution. The report identifies which elements are low resolution and the suitable viewing distance. NB: It is best to download the report and view it in a pdf reader rather than view it in your browser, as this allows you to turn the problem layers on and off in the report.

  • Make payments online

    Non account holders can now make secure payments online using the secure Eway payment gateway.

    For more information about Eway, please visit their website at www.eway.com.au.
  • Packing and shipping algorithm
    Vivtrack 2 uses a powerful packing algorithm which calculates the theoretical dimensions of your customised print job. The packing dimension and weight are calcullated based on the predefined packing method, the material weight and print finishing. Whether it is:  a backlit banner rolled on a core, or a billboard skin which as folded and wrapped or a stck of flat packed core flute prints;  you know that you are paying a comensurate price for your shipping rather than an arbitory cost.
    Vivtrack 2 uses the theoretical packing dimensions and weights as well as the destination post code to calculate the freight cost. You can choose from a number of freight companies and servives to get your print job where it needs by when it needs to be there.
    Interstate freight is handles by either Direct freight or TNT and you can choose; Road express, Overnight, or same day service if required. Local couriers are costed depending on the vehicle required and the service required including standard, VIP or premium door-to-door service
  • Register
  • Earn points and redeem for rush rates

    By placing your order online and paying on time, customers earn reward points which are redeemable for rush rates on future orders.

    For more information, click on the "Help" button in the shopping cart.

  • My Vivad Page

    If you have a job that is repeated quite often, you can talk to us about setting up you very own "My Vivad" page.
    This means that when you log on, you will be able to re-order your more frequent items, which are customised to your specifications. So all you need to do is upload the artwork and you are good to go.
  • Tracking your Job
    Anytime you want to check the progress of your job, you can log into Vivtrack 2 by going to Vivad's website at www.vivad.com.au.

    If you do not have a Vivtrack 2 login, then you will need to Create a Vivtrack 2.0 login. You must use the email address for which the job is created in order to track it. Please note that your legacy Vivtrack login credentials will not work with Vivtrack 2, so you will have to create a new account with the same email address. Once you are logged in you can view your orders

    You can check on the progress of your job and change the shipping details any time up to the time of despatch.

    If you have a legacy Vivtrack account and want to continue to use the old system, you can do so by logging on to www.vivtrack.com.au and place your order.