posted 23.04.2017

Vivad sends stretch frames outside with it's new "Evictor" track

Everybody loves the convenience and aesthetics of fabric stretch frames. After all they dont need any special skills or tools to install, they are easy to freight, and once installed they look absolutely stunning. 
Now wouldn't it be good if you could use the stretch frame system outside. 
Well now with Vivad's invention of the Evictor track you can!

Named the Evictor track because it allows you to send just about any internal stretch frame extrusion outside. 

The Evictor track has a mean bottom lip on it which entraps the rubber beeding once it is pushed into the slot. Once the graphic is installed it cant be easily pulled out. this means that your graphic wont be blown away, or stolen.

The Evictor track can be inserted into any existing stretch frame extrusion which has a nominal slot size of  14mm x 4.5mm.  Grub screws are used to hold the Evistor track in place.

Once the evictor track is installed into the existing slot, the graphic insert is pushed into the new slot ensuring that the rubber beading locks in behind the lip. 

Once installed it is near impossible to remove.

To remove the grahics, you can either cut the graphics away from the rubber beading using a stanley knife and then work the beeding out of the slot, or if you want to save the graphics you can unscrew the grub screws holding the track and then slide the track off one end of the graphics.
Once the graphics is removed re -insert the evictor track ready to fit the next graphic.