posted 01.11.2018
posted by Vivad

Vivad creates a 60 metre backlit wall using the Palisade 100 graphic walling system.

Vivad were commissioned to create a 60 metre long backlit wall to be used as a scenic backdrop for a wedding reception held at the famous Carousel in Albert Park.

The brief was to create a replica of the interior of the George ballroom at actual size to dress the walls and create a unique and surreal atmosphere.

The answer was to use our 100mm deep Palisade walling system. This allows us to create 90 degree internal and external corners with the graphic butting up without shadows or indiscreet frame lines. Note the corner column detail above, how it appears to be continuous around the column.

The result was a 60 metre backlit wall with two 90 degree corners standing 2.6 metres high.

The other unique challenge of the project was in acquiring the image.  When printing large format from a single image, the limitation is always the capturing device.  If you were to take a horizontal slice through a single shot and scale it to 60 metres wide, the resolution of the image will be very low, maybe just a few pixels per inch.

Vivad used a photographic technique which involved taking multiple photos and stitching them together. The process involves a great deal of post production work. The result is high resolution file with incredible detail.  In effect we are taking a 1:1 scan of the room at high resolution.