posted 28.05.2017

PacPrint a great success

We are very happy to say that Vivad's launch of Vivtrack 2 at Pacprint was a tremendous success.

We had a total of 276 people see the demonstration and sign-up at the stand. We gave away 10 UE Booms, 3 $1000 print vouchers as well as an Apple Imac.

Here are some photos and a description of the elements.

The stand design was an underwater theme, with each of the elements contributing to the sense of exploration. We were inviting people to come and explore with us our vision for the future of large format digital print outsourcing. 

High above the water was a hot air balloon floating off into the distance, uniquely displayed on a 5 metre x 5 metre double sided, edge lit light box built with our 100mm deep edge lit extrusion.

The water level was represented by our double sided backlit halo frame showing the interface between air and water as the giant yellow inflatable submarine submerges into the depths below.  
The video wall gave a brief overview of Vivtrack 2's capabilities enticing visitors to register

In the centre of the stand was a shell shaped meeting room which was clad with a ship's hull texture complete with port holes made into fish tanks. The inside of the round room was dressed with a giant school of fish teaming around the circumference.

The ottoman sea floor provided a sanctuary for weary visitors as the relaxed and enjoyed a barista made coffee.

The eight registration terminals were often full with visitors eager to sign up and learn about Vivtrack 2

The sample racks showcased over 80 different print materials.

There were two plinths showing the range of stretch frame products including single sided, double sided, front lit and backlit stretch frames. A total of 13 extrusions were on display including a scary looking cube with a great white shark circling the meeting room.

There was a photo wall with some props and selfie frames where people could come and have some fun.

In the end, the whole exhibition was an uplifting experience.